Business Name: Brian Hewlett LLC
Business Address: Post Office 11946, Denver, Colorado, USA
Email: Info@BrianHewlett.com
Telephone: 520-477-6325

General Business Activities Established and in good standing in the state of Arizona, Brian Hewlett LLC is a consulting company in North America that prescribes to a non-traditional cooperative business model which encourages resource sharing and knowledge collaboration among various entities to achieve goal oriented results. With a focus mostly on business assistance, various types of education, and a variety of entertainment, the company also works to accomplish goals in various markets and communities across the U.S. using a guidelines that lead to sustainable end results. Based on the decision to diversify our operations in various markets, Brian Hewlett LLC was recently established as a foreign corporation in the state of Colorado and will soon be established similarly in the state of Minnesota. As a small private consulting company in the process of diversifying, revenue projections are not realistic since at the moment we are dependent on variables and factors associated with cooperative partners with which we are currently in the midst of establishing relations. There is a great need for assisting business in the state of Colorado on understanding the populations within their market reach as well as educating the populations of the state in terms of sustainable processes and other issues and assisting entertainers in creating connections with their potential Colorado fanbase. In addition to these services, the company is investing portions of its current assets into in-kind assistance with the production of conscious raising projects that will be provide education via mainstream media and new streaming services to populations in various U.S. and global markets.

Company Strategy

Purpose: Our purpose is to generate revenue from contracts related to client services and from returns on collaborative projects performed with community and business partners. The company’s divisions reflects the various work performed relative to the companies three major service goals, which are:
1) to provide consulting to businesses, organizations, and individuals based on societal trends and social behavior in various markets
2) to educate the general populous on socially relevant topics and applicable processes that will assist them in the expanding their knowledge base to encompass what is necessary to increase their relative opportunities
3) to assist in the development of resources necessary to produce entertainment media that will help raise social awareness and community consciousness around sustaining people and the planet

Vision: We aim to be the premiere Strategy, Public Relations, and Marketing Consultants who help teach and execute the collaborative cooperative model of small business and lead in initial production of media projects that help raise awareness about sustainable practices and social change.

Mission statement To build long term relationships with our customers and clients to assemble a network of people, groups, organizations and companies banned together to provide customers exceptional products and services through collaboration, innovation and advanced social enhancing technology.

Core Values: We believe all humans and their needs are important. We believe that human needs don’t always supercede those of the planet and its other species. We believe in treating all human beings with dignity and respect. As a company, we believe we grow through creativity, invention, innovation, cooperation, collaboration, communication and participation. We integrate honesty, integrity and business ethics into all aspects of our business operations.

Goals: Our short term goals are:
1) to build a good repore with a strong base of key clients/customers
2) to increase the financial assets held by the company by gaining investments though new manager investment contributions
3) to build a good corps of independent agents to help facilitate our work
4) to support the awareness of sustainability and
5) to create a set of lessons that can be marketed by the company along side of what our clients offer through our services
6) to build a good reputation in the consulting world and become a key player in the industry

Motto/Philosophy: L.I.F.E. Starts here and now! Learn more about the philosophy of L.I.F.E. (Limitless Ideas and Free Environments) here.

Scope of Work
Brian Hewlett LLC conducts on-going consulting with individual and business clients. Our consultations help individuals, organizations and business clients pinpoint problems in their operations and their work interactions though analysis of existing organizational problems and develop a strategic plan that includes procedures for improvement. We also help clients to manage the flow of information between them and the public as they build a reputation for their entirety with the public. Additionally we develop strategies branding and campaigns that successfully promote, sex and distribute client’s goods and services to their targeted consumer markets. We further design and produce education materials, workshops, seminars, and training sessions. Furthermore we serve as a partner that collaborates with production companies to develop the necessary resources to produce promotional media for mass media projects that attempt to raise community awareness about sustainable practices and social change. Finally, we assistant talent in building there network of fellow artists, venues, managers, and other industry components necessary for their success as an artist in their prospective markets.

Financial Considerations
With a move to a new city after several years of ceasing operations, the company doesn’t expect to reach a level of profits in the first year and does not anticipate any serious cash flow problems. However, we are not in a position to print information about potential average profitability. Currently the company has no borrowed bank loans and most of the company’s liabilities comes from management investment.