Business Name: Brian Hewlett LLC
Business Address: Post Office 11946, Denver, Colorado, USA
Email: Info@BrianHewlett.com
Telephone: 520-477-6325

Brian Hewlett LLC

Established and in good standing in the state of Arizona, Brian Hewlett LLC is a consulting company in North America that prescribes to a non-traditional cooperative business model which encourages resource sharing and knowledge collaboration among various entities to achieve goals oriented results. With a focus mostly on business assistance, various types of education, and a variety of entertainment, the company also works to accomplish goals in various markets and communities across America using a guidelines that lead to sustainable end results. Based on the decision to diversify our operations in various markets, Brian Hewlett LLC was recently established as a foreign corporation in the state of Colorado and will soon be established similarly in the state of Minnesota. As a small private consulting company in the process of diversifying, revenue projections are not realistic since at the moment we are dependent on variables and factors associated with cooperative partners with which we are currently in the midst of establishing relations. There is a great need for assisting business in the state of Colorado on understanding the populations within their market reach as well as educating the populations of the state in terms of sustainable processes and other issues and assisting entertainers in creating connections with their potential Colorado fanbase. In addition to these services, the company is investing portions of its current assets into in-kind assistance with the production of conscious raising projects that will be provide education via mainstream media and new streaming services to populations in various U.S. and global markets.

When operating in various markets the company often does business as one of three divisions.

L.I.F.E. Lessons

For over 10 years, our Chief Executive Dr. Brian Hewlett has been offering workshops, facilitating conference presentations, and helping train staff for various organizations and groups. His presentations specialize in many things but the underlying focus is helping clients to identify challenges and obstacles that may be preventing their achievement of desired results that can be addressed with sociological theory and methods. Via the L.I.F.E. Lessons division, Dr. Hewlett helps people to assess, envision, develop and execute empowering methods that increases the potential for productivity, improves performance and inspires continuous focus on excellence by lessening cognitive limitations and expanding environments that allows them freedom to reach their potential.

Developing the mind body and spirit relative to goals and objectives plays a big part in improving competitive advantage and is a strategic necessity in today’s challenging social and business world. Let us design a L.I.F.E. Lesson for you that can help maximize your most important resource: YOUR PEOPLE! Dr. Hewlett and our other professional facilitators, will take a collaborative and cooperative approach to create a tailored strategy for success. Click here to learn more about previous L.I.F.E. Lessons that Dr. Hewlett is available to facilitate and how you can get a custom workshop or solution designed for you.

LTB Booking & Promotions

Our Chief Executive Dr. Brian Hewlett also has extensive connections in the music and visual art communities. As an undergraduate student he attended the Temple University Tyler School of Art in Philadelphia where he began building an extensive network of artist and musician contacts. He has also been involved with various artist collectives and the Burning Man art community for over 10 years as well. Today, not only does he continue his art as a traveling and contributing musician and as a media producer but he is dedicated to assisting other artists in whatever form he can to reach their potential to fulfill their art related dreams.

This connection to art has lead Brian Hewlett LLC to sometimes do business as LTB Booking & Promotions, which serves as the booking and promoting entity that handles the booking of Dr. Hewlett’s personal contractual engagements and does the same for other talent. The division also designs promotions campaigns for talent, venues, and other entities and sometimes serves as managing representative for the talent as well.

If you are interested in learning more about being represented by LTB Booking & Promotions or serving as an Independent Talent Agent for the division, click on the links below to access the relative materials for your interest.

I am/We are talent looking for booking and/or promotion representation.

I am/We are a venue looking to book talent.

I am/We are an agent looking to book for LTB Booking & Promotions

Wild Wild West Festivals

Dr. Brian Hewlett has been involved in promoting and developing the festival culture for many years as well. He has helped facilitate numerous projects and installations for the Burning Man Festival and has worked with other projects and installations for other festival communities including the annual Gem & Jam in Tucson, Arizona and Sonic Bloom in Rye, Colorado. He has also facilitated workshops at festival community events for many years as well.

After working on a few events in 2014, Brian Hewlett LLC also began doing business as Wild Wild West Festivals, which assists in the concept design, promotion, and marketing of large scale festival events type events. The group works in collaboration with organizations wishing to develop an event that will fit their needs and highlight their unique personality. The group has helped design two festivals that have come to fruition and others that are in the works.

For more information and opportunities relative to the newest event concepts being developed and promoted to potential investors by Wild Wild West Festivals, click on the appropriate links below.