Brian Hewlett LLC’s founding is predicated on the notion that collaboration is better than doing it all yourself. This suggests that cooperating with others will always provide a larger set of resources that will provide a greater set of opportunities.

This being a primary value of the company, Brian Hewlett LLC seeks to develop and maintain community partnerships with organizations and individuals who share the goal of a sustainable world where humanity is a part of a global community that respects and conscientiously includes and promotes the viability of all species.

Foundation and Ministry of L.I.F.E.

The Irish Poet, Novelist, Dramatist and Critic, Oscar Wilde (1854-1900 B.C.) once said:

“An idea that is not dangerous is unworthy of being called an idea at all”

The Hindu Prince Gautama Siddharta (563-483 B.C.), the founder of Buddhism, noted that:

“An idea that is developed and put into action is more important than an idea that exists only as an idea.”

Many people have ideas that they often feel are unworthy of action because they involve risk or don’t reflect “mainstream” thought. However, it is the execution of any idea that ultimately determines its worth and importance to the society.

Brian Hewlett LLC’s sister organization, The Foundation and the Ministry of L.I.F.E., believes that all knowledge starts with ideas and life springing from that inquiry often just takes the support of one or two people; especially if those people can do something about it. We also believe that no inquiry or the voice of those inquiring should be limited. The Foundation and Ministry of L.I.F.E. are dedicated to making that happen by pinpointing, garnering, and distributing resources to support ideas that help raise awareness and elevate human consciousness.

If you are interested in having your idea heard, gaining support for a great idea that is currently limited, or helping to support limitless ideas with your resources, contact them at and let them know how they can be of service or donate to their cause via their website today.

They also want to hear your ideas about what you would like to see happen in your communities and in your world to help free society from its many structural limitations.

Currently the Foundation and Ministry of L.I.F.E. is launching the following campaigns to assist in network and resource development:

The #WriteNow/#ReadNow Campaign(s) aims to get people reading and writing again!

With UNESCO Today reporting that nearly 17% of the world’s adult population is still not literate; two thirds of them women which makes gender equality much harder to achieve. The scale of illiteracy among youth also represents an enormous challenge; an estimated 122 million youth globally are illiterate, of which young women represent 60.7%. The 67.4 million children who are out of school are likely to encounter great difficulties in the future, as deficient or non-existent basic education is the root cause of illiteracy.

With some 775 million adults lacking minimum literacy skills, literacy for all thus remains elusive and the urgency to get those who have these precious skills to maintain and effectively utilize these skills in ways to help their own situation and the situation of others is abundantly clear. If people read and write less they will socialize others to do the same and literacy will become less important in the struggles for freedom, inequality, and justice across the globe giving those who maintain that skill more power and more influence.

The #WriteNow part of the campaign focuses on simply motivating individual to the act of writing someone of importance or something that is important to them such as a message of love to a family member or the words to a favorite impactful song and delivering that to another individual or organization.

The #ReadNow focuses on getting individuals to read something of importance that they have not before or wished to know about and then passing that reading along with a comment on to another individual or organization.

The overall goal of the campaign is to get people writing and reading intentional material once the practice is a part of their every day lives again. For more information on this campaign, please write The Foundation and Ministry of L.I.F.E. at:

Conscious Universe Productions PBC

Dan Maycock, Chief Data Officer and Co-Founder of Equinauts a computer software company in Olympia, Washington reminds us that:

There are many successful people today living exciting lives built on their ideas, who had to fail at getting traction several times before they succeeded at getting their ideas to take off.

    Akio Morita’s first rice cooker sold fewer than 100 units, because it burned the rice instead of cooking it. You may not have heard of him, but you’ve probably heard of his company, Sony.
    Walt Disney was fired by a newspaper editor, because the editor felt “he lacked imagination and had no good ideas”
    During his lifetime, Vincent Van Gogh only managed to sell one painting but painted 800 anyway, during his lifetime.

One thing is known for sure, that no matter what else may have played a part in the success of these people’s ideas, they all had the opportunity of sharing their idea with someone(s) who could make a difference.

Conscious Universe Productions PBC (CUP) knows that every minute their is someone with a great idea that play a major role in helping to raise the consciousness of their community, their nation, or the planet but often that idea falls by the wayside because they don’t have the resources to get that idea heard. CUP also knows that media is one of the best ways to get an idea illustrated, making it easier to be heard and understood in the shortest amount of time. That is why their goal is to garner resources collaboratively to assist in the production of media project ideas that have the potential to impact human consciousness by raising awareness in some way. Through the coming together of community partners who have resources to produce media, these project ideas are afforded a once in lifetime chance to get some promotional or initial media produced that can assist the project in being heard and seen by important people who can make the overall project become the reality of the dream that only it’s conceiver experiences at it’s conception.

Maha Avatar: Advent of the Destroyer is an example of a project for which CUP seeks further funding. You can learn more about this specific project and watch the promotional “teaser” produced via the collaborate effort of CUP Associates Brian Hewlett LLC and Cole Dream Productions to help promote the idea here.

For more information on CUP and some of the projects they currently are supporting in the resource development process, visit them at

Second Chance Center Inc.

The Second Chance Center, Inc. is a Colorado-based 501 (c) (3) agency organized exclusively for charitable and educational purposes; specifically to work one-on-one and in group sessions with formerly incarcerated men and women. They primarily serve the five county Denver metro area, and their counseling services and mentoring are of interest nationally.

The Second Chance Center Inc. has a mission with purpose to help formerly Incarcerated Men and Women Transition to lives of Success and Fulfillment.

Second Chance Center aspires to reduce recidivism rates and protect future generations from the continuing cycle of incarceration. Criminal thinking, substance abuse, and incarceration are often passed through generations in families. Likewise, it has become a ‘rite of passage’ in many communities. It is their vision to reverse these trends and to help instill revitalized character in individuals that will help them see the difference between having a purposeful life and the continued “death” of hopes and dreams. They provide client-centered services geared to address the whole client (including their families) by addressing issues that will help them remain free from incarceration traps, engaging new ways of thinking, and life changing alternatives.

Currently Brian Hewlett LLC is collaborating with The Second Chance Center Inc. on a curriculum design focused on transition from incarceration to freedom.

For more information about the Center, visit: