Brian Hewlett LLC is a small company principally run by our Chief Executive who solicits assistance via Independent Agents, Interns and Volunteers. At the moment their are no W2 Employees.

Independent Agents are professionals or trades people who have formulated their knowledge through experience or schooling and are seeing an avenue to apply that skill under the umbrella of a larger organization or business entity. Independent Agents perform most of their work when Brian Hewlett LLC is doing business as LTB Booking & Promotions. Independent Agents are contracted to perform booking and promotion related services and LTB Booking & Promotions facilitates the contractual relationship between the agents and the clients for whom they provide those services. For information on becoming an Independent Agent for LTB Booking & Promotions, please click the appropriate link below.

Independent Booking Agent Job Description

Our Internship Program pulls students from campuses in both Denver and Minneapolis to perform duties as needed relative to the different divisions of Brian Hewlett LLC under the supervision of the Executive Team and Community Professionals and Staff of Business Partners. Interns perform approximately 160 Hours (or 8 weeks at 20 hours per week) of work as a part of their tenure in each Intern stage. For information on current or future Internship possibilities with divisions of Brian Hewlett LLC, please click the appropriate link below.

General Intern I:

General Intern II:

General Intern III

The Executive Team

Brian Hewlett, M.A., Ph.D.
Founder and Chief Executive Officer

Independent Agents

No Independent Agents are contracted at the moment.


Chelsea Brewer
General Intern I

Reagan Phan
General Intern I