Game On Music Arts & Technology Festival

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In 2014 Brian Hewlett LLC dba LTB Booking & Promotions was approached again by Desert Dream LLC in Tucson, Arizona to help design an event that would draw Colorado investors who were initially set to invest in an event that had withdrawn from the Memorial Day Weekend Calendar of the city of Colorado Springs. After market analysis, we proposed a family oriented event that would attract current gaming and technology giants to the local market that already had a thriving sector of small game development companies present. Game On was conceived as a music arts and technology festival where gamers from all over the world can come to (a) enjoy music from the gaming world performed by composers themselves and admiring artists; (b) interact with history of the gaming world while experiencing real world interactive exhibits of virtual gaming worlds; (c) attend workshops and panels facilitated by some of the best strategic and developer minds of the gaming world and; (d) compete in gaming competitions as well. Unfortunately the city of Colorado Springs did not go with the proposal but the event is currently being proposed in various other cities using the plan we designed.