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Hallowed Harmony

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In 2015 our founder, Dr. Brian Hewlett, while doing one of the things he does best living a resource sharing lifestyle, met Mr. Kyle Wagner, a long time activist from Minneapolis. During one of their ride share experiences they conceived the idea for a fictional educational dramatic comedy that situates reincarnated historical religious and spiritual notables in situations based on reported contemporary experiences of altered or higher states of consciousness that are all a part of a greater plan to move humanity toward a revival of a society where life was much more sustainable inclusive and down right fun while keeping the audience laughing the whole way. This new comedy idea is now the flagship focus of our partners at Conscious Universe Productions PBC and Brian Hewlett LLC’s sister Foundation and Ministry of L.I.F.E., as they embark upon their mission to generate resources necessary to create initial media associated with conscious raising projects produced via the collaborative effort of media production professionals in both the Minneapolis-St. Paul and Denver, CO metropolitan areas.

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