Maha Avatara: Advent of the Destroyer

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In 2009 Brian Hewlett LLC dba LTB Booking & Promotions approached Cole Dream Productions in Hollywood, California about a film project that Dr. Hewlett was in the process of scripting. The film serves as a modern day interpretation of the mythology about Kalki the tenth and final Maha Avatara (Great Incarnation) of Vishnu, the Hindu Deity who is described as the “Preserver of the Universe”. The Vedic prophesy says that Kalki, which is said to be a metaphor of eternity or time, will return on a white horse carrying a flaming sword to “establish a new era based on truth, righteousness, humanism and goodness” while being the “destroyer of foulness,” “confusion,” “darkness,” and the “annihilator of ignorance.” The film is meant to educate viewers on contemporary sustainability issues by pointing to humanity’s mistreatment and disregard for the Earth’s environment and her other species as the foulness and ignorance that must be destroyed and presents an interesting dilemma for the story’s hero. Since Dr. Hewlett is one of the co-founders of our Minneapolis based partner Conscious Universe Productions PBC, which is dedicated to developing resources and collaborating with community media producers to produce promotional media for consciousness raising media projects, this project is currently on hold as a future priority for that venture.

See the teaser for this project here and learn more about the film project it at the Project Maha Avatara: The Advent of The Destroyer’s Facebook Page.