No matter what product you produce, service you perform, or business you run, its the knowledge and understanding of people that will make you successful. People are consumers, customers, employees, share holders, and much more. People are the livelihood and the life blood of any business. Understanding how people think, feel, and act relative to who they are and to who you are and what you do is one of the most important aspects of business that any industry, company, organization, or individual could know.
Using theoretical Social Psychological & Network models help align your business framework with characteristics of your market that bolster resonance among populations that will most benefit from your ventures.


“Education must teach life.” We believe W. E. B. DuBois was right and we take his charge seriously! Our objective is to provide communities and individuals with the education they need to help sustain life liberty and the pursuit of happiness in this ever challenging and changing society. Pre-developed lessons and programs that we present in various settings or the training and course materials we assist you in designing and facilitating are all based upon the Philosophy of L.I.F.E. set forth by our Founder and C.E.O. that contends environments of freedom are greater possibilities when people break down the limitations they have imposed with their acceptance of ideology within the social structure.


Pew Research shows that as of early 2016 only 2 out of 10 U.S. adults got their news from written news sources, which obviously means the largest portion of the population gets it’s information from entertainment media such as television, internet, or radio. Tony Robbins argues that we aren’t in an information age but in an age of entertainment. Although many might see this as a problem, for us it’s less about the problem and more about an opportunity. Entertainment holds a captive audience and as consultants, educators and community development specialists, this media provides a great opportunity to get a message across to the masses. Therefore we have dedicated a large part of resources to the developing and distributing media that is helping to raise the consciousness of the masses through entertainment.

Research & Analysis


Got a question you want answered or a topic you want researched relative to a specific market? Let Brian Hewlett LLC help!


Our team of associates across the country are prepared to perform a full range of services related to research design, method development, evaluation and assessment, qualitative and quantitative data analysis along with any other needs you may have related to your question or market queries. As members of the American Association for Public Opinion Research (AAPOR), our research professionals follow practices for survey research as outlined by this organization.

Curriculum Design


Need to train staff or looking to create a professional development curriculum? Let L.I.F.E. Lessons help!


Our team has many years of experience designing classes and workshops for university students, programs, festivals and more. We will be happy to design a curriculum that suits your needs and facilitate it for you if you need be. Our curricula are always relevant since we connect them to current events to give learners a chance to apply the curriculum to practical every day issues.

Workshop Facilitation


Need a workshop facilitated for an event but you don’t know much about the topic? Let L.I.F.E. Lessons do it for you!


Our team has been performing workshops at meetings conferences and various events across the country and the in different parts of the world over the last decade. We are ready and willing to research and present a topic for your people in an innovative memorable way.

Event & Project Management


Got an event that’s too big for you to handle or manage on your own? Let Wild Wild West Festivals help!


Our team of associates in Colorado have been planning, facilitated, and managed events for years and are prepared help you find the resources and the people you need to get it done and get it done right. Our team has helped coordinate festivals, conferences, parties, art exhibits, concerts, banquets, weddings and many other events that given us years of experience from which you and your event will benefit.

Talent Assistance


Got talent that you want booked or that you need help connected to a talent network in a specific market? Let LTB Booking & Promotions will help with that!


We have assisted visual artists, bands, solo musicians, comedians, actors, models, and other talented people get connected to the network they need by helping them develop a brand for themselves and we can do the same for you. Talent branding is important for talent to market themselves or get noticed. Come see what we have in store for you.